How To Start A Garden In Texas?

When should I plant my garden in Texas?

When to Plant.

Texas gardening for the spring/summer begins earlier than the northern sections of the country.

Mid-March is usually time for the last frost of the season.

Tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, okra, beans, peas, cantaloupe and watermelon are growing during this time.

Is it too late to plant a garden in Texas?

Planting. Plant cool-season crops such as lettuce and broccoli as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. If planted too late, high summer temperature will cause low yield and poor quality. These crops grow poorly or not at all when the soil temperature is below 65 degrees F.

What grows well in Texas?

Texas is extremely diverse when it comes to agriculture. You can find an assortment of fruit and vegetables grown on Texas soil, from beets, carrots and cauliflower, to apples, honeydew and citrus fruits. Each type of fruit and vegetable has a specific harvest date and place of growth.

When should I start a garden in North Texas?

On average, your last spring frost occurs on March 12 (at DALLAS LOVE FLD, TX climate station).


Crop Broccoli
Based on Frost Dates Based on Moon Dates Start Seeds Indoors Jan 29-Feb 12 Jan 29-Feb 9
Plant Seedlings or Transplants Feb 19-Mar 12 Feb 23-Mar 9
Start Seeds Outdoors N/A

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