How Far Is Pikes Peak From Garden Of The Gods?

Can you see Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods?

The purple mountain majesty of Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain and the stunning red rock formations of Garden of the Gods Park have brought travelers to Colorado Springs for centuries.

Two of the area’s most-visited attractions combined see upwards of six million annual visitors.

Can you do Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak in one day?

3. Re: Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, Same day? Hi, Yes, very possible to do both in one-day.

How long do you need at Garden of the Gods?

about 60 to 90 minutes

Can I drive through Garden of the Gods?

Yes, you can drive through the Garden of the Gods and there are several parking areas. There is no charge to visit the Garden. Yes, you can just drive through Garden of the Gods. You don’t have to hike any trails – only if you would like.