How To Build A Vertical Vegetable Garden?

What vegetables grow well in a vertical garden?

Vertical gardening is growing plants on a support such as a stake, trellis, cage, or fence.

Pole beans, peas and tomatoes are commonly grown this way.

But other vining crops such as cucumbers, squashes—both summer and winter, and melons can also be grown vertically.

How do you build a vertical garden at home?

How To Make A Vertical Garden? –

How do I build a cheap vertical garden?

How to Make a Vertical Garden –

How do you build a vertical garden fence?

You can use your fence to install a vertical garden in various ways:

  • Build a trellis on the fence.
  • Install planters directly on the fence.
  • Attach a repurposed pallet, using the fence as support.
  • Use metal rods or pipe to suspend hanging baskets.
  • Create a living green wall.